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Air Bag Helpers

Air Bag Helpers

Air bag helpers, also known as air bag helper springs or air bag suspension assist kits, are aftermarket components designed to provide additional support and load-leveling capabilities to a vehicle’s suspension system. These kits typically include air bags, brackets, mounting hardware, and air lines, allowing for easy installation onto the existing suspension components. Air bag helpers are commonly used in trucks, SUVs, and towing vehicles to stabilize heavy loads, improve ride quality, and prevent sagging or bottoming out when carrying cargo or towing trailers.

One of the main advantages of air bag helpers is their ability to enhance the overall performance and versatility of the vehicle’s suspension system, especially when handling varying loads or towing heavy trailers. By supplementing the existing suspension setup with adjustable air bags, drivers can fine-tune the vehicle’s ride height and stiffness to accommodate different driving conditions and cargo weights.

Additionally, air bag helpers offer improved stability and control, particularly when cornering, braking, or navigating uneven terrain, resulting in a safer and more comfortable driving experience for both drivers and passengers.

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