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Shaved Door Handle Kits

Shaved Door Handle Kits

Shaved door handle kits are aftermarket components designed to eliminate external door handles on vehicles, creating a smooth and streamlined appearance. These kits typically include solenoids, remote keyless entry systems, and other hardware necessary to operate the doors electronically from a remote or touchpad. Shaved door handle kits are popular among automotive enthusiasts seeking to achieve a custom and modern look for their vehicles while also improving security and convenience.

One of the main advantages of shaved door handle kits is their ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of vehicles by eliminating unsightly door handles and providing a sleek and seamless appearance. Without visible door handles, the vehicle’s body lines remain uninterrupted, creating a cleaner and more cohesive look.

Additionally, shaved door handle kits offer practical benefits such as improved security, as the doors can only be opened electronically with the remote or touchpad, deterring potential thieves. Proper installation and wiring of shaved door handle kits are essential to ensure reliable operation and compatibility with the vehicle’s electrical system.

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