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C-Notch Kits

C Notch

A C-notch is a structural modification made to the frame of a vehicle, typically trucks or SUVs, to create additional clearance for rear suspension components, particularly when lowering the vehicle or installing larger wheels and tires. The notch is shaped like the letter “C” and is welded into the frame rails to provide a recessed area for the rear axle to travel through its range of motion without interference. C-notches are popular among automotive enthusiasts seeking to achieve a lowered stance or improve suspension geometry for better handling and aesthetics.

One of the main advantages of C-notches is their ability to allow for increased suspension travel and articulation, especially in vehicles with lowered ride heights or aftermarket suspension setups. By creating clearance for the rear axle, C-notches prevent the suspension from bottoming out and improve ride quality and performance, particularly in aggressive driving conditions or on uneven terrain.

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