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Lifted Spindles

Lifted Spindles

Lifted spindles are specialized suspension components used to raise the front end of a vehicle, typically trucks or SUVs, to achieve a lifted stance. Unlike traditional lift kits that rely on taller springs or spacers, lifted spindles replace the factory steering knuckles to increase the vehicle’s ride height. This modification allows for greater ground clearance and accommodates larger tires for enhanced off-road performance and visual appeal.

One of the key advantages of lifted spindles is their ability to maintain factory steering geometry and suspension components, resulting in minimal impact on handling and ride quality.

Additionally, lifted spindles typically include provisions for retaining factory brake components, ensuring compatibility and safety. Lifted spindles are favored by truck enthusiasts and off-road adventurers seeking to improve the appearance and off-road capability of their vehicles without compromising on-road performance or drivability. Proper installation and alignment are crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety when using lifted spindles.

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