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Steering Extender

Steering Extender

A steering extender is a component used in vehicle modification to adjust the position of the steering wheel. It is commonly employed in lifted trucks or vehicles with modified suspension systems where the steering column needs to be extended to accommodate the increased height. The extender connects to the steering shaft, effectively lengthening it to reach the altered steering mechanism, ensuring proper functionality and driver comfort.

In off-road or lifted vehicle applications, a steering extender becomes essential to maintain steering control and responsiveness despite the modifications made to the vehicle’s height and suspension. By extending the steering column, it prevents issues such as binding or limited range of motion, which could otherwise occur due to the lifted suspension altering the original steering geometry.

Additionally, a well-designed steering extender helps ensure safety by preserving the proper alignment of the steering components, contributing to a more predictable and stable driving experience both on and off the road.

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