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Lifted Shackles

Lifted Shackles

Lifted shackles are suspension components used to raise the rear end of a vehicle equipped with leaf spring suspension. These shackles are typically installed between the leaf springs and the vehicle’s chassis or frame, effectively increasing the distance between them and raising the vehicle’s rear end. Lifted shackles are a popular choice for truck owners and off-road enthusiasts looking to achieve a lifted stance and accommodate larger tires for improved off-road performance and visual appeal.

One of the key advantages of lifted shackles is their simplicity and affordability compared to other suspension lift methods. With lifted shackles, enthusiasts can easily adjust the vehicle’s rear ride height without the need for extensive modifications or specialized tools.

Additionally, lifted shackles provide increased ground clearance and improved rear axle articulation, allowing for better traction and off-road capability. Proper installation and alignment of lifted shackles are essential to ensure vehicle stability, handling, and safety. Regular inspection and maintenance are also recommended to ensure the continued performance and reliability of the modified suspension system.

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