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Lifted Blocks

Lifted Blocks

Lifted blocks are components used in the modification of a vehicle’s suspension to increase its ride height. Typically made of metal or composite materials, lifted blocks are placed between the axle and the leaf springs or coil springs to raise the vehicle’s chassis. This modification is commonly employed in trucks and SUVs to achieve a lifted stance and accommodate larger tires for enhanced off-road capability and visual appeal.

When installing lifted blocks, it’s essential to ensure proper fitment and compatibility with the vehicle’s suspension system to maintain structural integrity and safety. Additionally, lifted blocks may require adjustments to other suspension components such as shocks and alignment to optimize performance and handling characteristics.

While lifted blocks offer a relatively simple and cost-effective way to increase ride height, it’s important to follow manufacturer recommendations and guidelines to avoid potential issues such as axle wrap or driveline vibrations. Proper installation and alignment are crucial to achieving the desired lift while preserving vehicle stability and ride quality.

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