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Wheel tubs

Wheel Tubs

Wheel tubs are custom-designed components used in vehicle modification to provide additional clearance for oversized wheels and tires, particularly in vehicles with lowered suspensions or aggressive wheel fitments. These tubs are installed in the wheel wells or fender arches and are typically made of metal or composite materials to withstand the forces generated by the rotating wheels and tires. Wheel tubs come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different wheel and tire combinations and vehicle configurations.

One of the primary advantages of wheel tubs is their ability to prevent tire rubbing or interference with the vehicle’s body or suspension components, ensuring smooth and reliable operation even under extreme driving conditions.

Additionally, wheel tubs can enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle’s wheel wells, providing a clean and finished look while also reducing the risk of debris buildup and corrosion. Proper installation and alignment of wheel tubs are crucial to ensure optimal fitment and clearance, as well as to maintain structural integrity and safety.

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