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Air Hose

Air Hose

An air hose is a flexible tube used to convey compressed air from an air compressor or air tank to pneumatic tools, equipment, or components, such as air shocks in a vehicle’s suspension system. These hoses are typically made of durable materials, such as rubber or PVC, and are designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures associated with compressed air applications. Air hoses come in various lengths, diameters, and configurations to suit different applications and requirements.

One of the main advantages of air hoses is their versatility and utility in a wide range of pneumatic applications, including automotive, industrial, and construction settings. Whether inflating tires, powering pneumatic tools, or adjusting air suspension systems, air hoses provide a convenient and efficient means of transferring compressed air from the source to the point of use.

Additionally, air hoses are available with various end fittings, such as quick-connect couplers or threaded connectors, to facilitate easy and secure connections to air compressors, tanks, and pneumatic devices.

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